Lit List: Thursday October 20, 2016

Good evening readers. Here's your round-up of today's must-read literary news, commentary and fiction.

  • "Locker room banter is just another name for the patriarchy," says Eileen Myles Lithub
  • As Larissa Pham wrote her first novel "Fantasian," she had to re-learn to write like herself Catapult
  • A well-meaning French liberal sees her multicultural neighborhood rocked by 9/11 malaise The Los Angeles Review of Books
  • Young gay people in Nigeria ponder how to define Afro-Modernism while they struggle to get by Granta
  • "I don’t know why some people are so insistent about the fact that they don’t believe in ghosts, anyway": chasing wisps of the past through New York bars. The Paris Review
  • An oral history of death as seen by death row wardens, activists, mourners and other "specialists." The Guardian
  • "Nasty nasty boys don't mean a thing": the etymology and history of the loaded word Donald Trump used in the third debate. The Atlantic
  • Anita Raja on how the act of translation changed her as a person. Asymptote
  • Fear and loathing in Singapore in Sa'ede Buang's "The Withered Cherry Tree." Words Without Borders