The Literary Show Project is a talk show, hosted by journalist Prune Perromat. Through intimate discussion with literary figures -- from the acclaimed to the emerging -- the program delves into an author’s life history, inspirations and process. The show provides a rare, on-screen insight into the personality and psyche of contemporary writers, brought to an audience via multiple media platforms.

We aim to offer intimate, insightful, yet entertaining conversations that will give a millennial audience privileged access to the minds and worlds of today’s authors, as well as songwriters, playwrights and screenwriters. 

Our show is set in New York City -- home and muse to Mailer, Capote, Auster; stage for classics like The Catcher in the Rye and Bonfire of the Vanities; lifeblood for a new generation of authors who have penned powerful, contemporary narratives such as The Emperor's ChildrenA Little Life and The Story of My Teeth. We will shoot interviews in diverse locations around New York, from bookstores to bars. The city -- and its grand and gritty streetscapes and spaces -- will be a centrepiece of our show. Our first three episodes, for example, were shot at Albertine, a French-English bookshop and reading room located in a Gilded Age mansion opposite Central Park. 




Prune Perromat, Host: Prune Perromat is a print and TV journalist. She most recently covered financial markets and fashion for Agence France Presse, a global newswire. She previously worked for BBC News and The Economist in New York. In France, she hosted a literary TV show, Des Livres et Vous, and other cultural programs for local TV channel Vosges Television. She graduated from the Sorbonne and CFJ in Paris, and Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism in New York. She was born in Bordeaux and grew up in the Basque Country in France.



Katya Wachtel, Managing Editor: Katya Wachtel is an editor, journalist and writer. She has covered arts and culture for print and digital publications in the U.S. and Australia, profiling and interviewing acclaimed figures in cultural arenas from literature to fine art to fashion. She is currently the editorial director of Broadsheet. She was previously a correspondent for Reuters in New York, covering hedge funds and major Wall Street investors, after having worked for Business Insider and The Huffington Post. She is a graduate of Columbia University's School of Journalism. She was born in Sydney and grew up in Melbourne, Australia.



Aleria Samaniego, Producer: Aleria Samaniego is a producer and an editor. Currently the head of broadcast production at The Literary Show Project, Samaniego was previously the lead producer in charge of the audiovisual department at Travesias Media, the owner of leading cultural Mexican magazines Travesias and Gatopardo. She has produced and/or edited a number of short films, video clips, documentary, reality shows and publicity projects, including works for renowned corporate clients such as Hulu, Samsung, Alfa-Romeo, and Aeromexico. She also worked as a producer in France. Trained in audiovisual arts in Mexico, Samaniego was born and grew up in Northern Mexico. She now lives in Brooklyn.



Natalie Bozimowski, Contributor: Natalie Bozimowski is a writer from Detroit and is currently based in Cleveland. Her writing and contribution to LSP has been featured since 2016.



James Taylor, Producer, Advisor: James Taylor is a culture writer and an editor of feature length documentaries for networks including NBC, CNN, History, National Geographic and VH1. As a journalist Taylor writes for the Los Angeles Times, The Economist, NPR and the Village Voice, among others. He was twice nominated for a Los Angeles Press Club Award for his weekly radio program, Theatre Talk, on KCRW. He is the director of Counter Culture, a culture-focused television show. James was born and grew up in California.




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Louis Brunet, Advisor: Louis is an Entrepreneur and Advisor to small companies. He is a co-Founder and COO at Ode a la Rose, an online flower delivery service. Louis was born and grew up in Paris, France.





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