Lit List: January 11, 2017

Good evening readers. Here's your round-up of today's must-read literary news, commentary and fiction.

Frantz Fanon. Source:  Pacha J. Willka

Frantz Fanon. Source: Pacha J. Willka

  • Obama's farewell speech called on "we the people" to remember that yes, we still can LSP
  • Mother tongues and "mother-in-law language": Talking to in-laws can be complicated, but in some languages a whole host of ordinary words becomes taboo in their presence The New York Times
  • Scratch, an anthology about writers and money that doesn't always do much more than scratch the surface Slate 
  • Roxane Gay interviews an iconic "difficult woman": Madonna Harper's Bazaar
  • Intellectual magazines and the CIA's Cold War puppeteering of American culture The Los Angeles Review of Books
  • Frantz Fanon is remembered as an advocate for resistance by any means necessary, but rarely as a scholar, a psychiatrist, a doctor, a humanist The London Review of Books
  • Riddle by Jericho Brown: "We do not know the history of our selves on this planet because we do not have to know what we believe we own." The Georgia Review 
  • Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib, author of The Crown Ain't Worth Much, on poetry as witnessing, on reckoning with grief and investing in joy Hazlitt
  • Fiction by Mary Helene Bertino: "Is there a patron saint for everything?... Turnips? Socks you can’t find? And outlet malls?" Electric Literature