Lit List: Wednesday November 9, 2016

Good evening readers. Here's your round-up of today's must-read literary news, commentary and fiction.

  • Ta-Nehisi Coates’s haunting pre-election interview: “even if Hillary Clinton ultimately wins, it will be as though an asteroid just barely missed us” LSP
  • Poetry from Langston Hughes: “I am so tired of waiting” Genius
  • Election Night Blues: “A Long, Sad Night in Washington, DC” Lit Hub
  • Watching the election as an undocumented worker: “we will not forget this election, and our children will not forget” (n+1)
  • “The Audacity of Hopelessness”: Roxane Gay on what happened this Election Day The New York Times
  • Poetry to cope Entropy
  • David Remnick reacts to the election, an American tragedy The New Yorker
  • Escape to Santorini: the unlikely story of Atlantis Books, an independent bookstore overlooking the Aegean Sea Vanity Fair