Lit List: Tuesday October 25, 2016

Good evening readers. Here's your round-up of today's must-read literary news, commentary and fiction.

  • Call it "the richness of the writing experience in the early modern theatre" all you want, but allegedly Shakespeare wrote the Henry VI plays with a little help from a friend The Washington Post
  • Naaz Rashid's Veiled Threats is a study of how the national security state puts Muslim women under a microscope The London School of Economics Review of Books
  • A brief history of fictional women who kicked ass, took names and solved murders Broadly
  • Before Bram Stoker's Dracula, there was Carmilla, an 1871 tale of the liaison dangereuse between an innocent young woman and a beautiful female vampire. Atlas Obscura
  • A bride has a terrible time at her own wedding in Ten Years of Marriage by the major modernist writer Su Qing Asymptote
  • Lil Wayne's Riker's diary is funny, somber, mundane, and whimsical The New Yorker
  • This Way Madness Lies is a creepy illustrated history of the infamous mental hospital known as Bedlam The New York Times
  • The strange experience of reading a friend's book and realizing you don't know them after all The Millions
  • Meet the sci-fi superfans running a beloved mobile bookstore in Austin, TX Electric Literature
  • In both India and America, "police brutality might seem like a product of a profoundly disordered society, but it is in fact the opposite" Lithub
  • In Ha Jin's novel The Boat Rocker, a "journalistic conflict of interest atrophies with alarming speed into a 1984-style nightmare" The Los Angeles Review of Books